Leadership: a way of Life

“Leadership is diving for a lose ball, getting the crowd involved, getting other players involved, it’s being able to take it, as well as to dish it out. That’s the only way you are going to get respect from the players.” Larry Bird

Good morning to You! I wish I’m finding You well and Happy while writing.

Today is a meaningful day for me, a day of excitement, power, reflection and feelings. Today is a day I’ve been waiting for long time. Tomorrow, with the uberrocking Team Wandsworth, is going to start the Autumn NCS (National Citizen Service), where more than 300 Young Adults will experience a Challenging Leadership program, that will finish with the creation of a social action that will positively impact the life of the community they are living in.

As I stated at the beginning today is a day of feelings… A cocktail of Excitement, Expectation, Expectancy are running through my body, blended in the shaker of Uncertainty and Curiosity. A lot of thoughts are running between my years right now. And the one I picked up to develop in this post is the main reason Why the NCS will be so life changing for the life of these Young Adults.


What is really leadership? It is not just one of the most frequents words used in today’s society. It is not just a skill. It is not just concept.

So…. What is Leadership?

I believe that Larry Bird, one of the best NBA player of all history, flag of the Boston Celtics in the 80’s, is a living example of what, how, who and why a great Leader is.

A Leader, is the person who is the first to jump in and the last to surrender. A Leader is the one who dives for the loose ball, putting aside the fears and should, taking the jump into the risk.

A Leader is the person that with his charisma and actions excites the crowd, and get all the people around involved and willing to support him. A Leader has the ability to excite.

A Leader is the person who takes the risk and responsibility when necessary, but also empowers others to do the same, stepping aside and motivating from the back.

A Leader is the person that through his words and actions is able to get the respect from the others.

A Leader is not just a Leader for one day. Leadership is an attitude. Leadership is a habit.

Leadership is being coherent and true each moment and in each situation.

Leadership is Change.

This is the reason why I’m so excited about NCS. The seeds of leadership will be planted in the adults of tomorrow, the adults that will lead us in the future!!! Come on!! Let’s make it!!

I wish You an empowering day and we see each other in a week!!

ps. I’ll keep an audioblog for updates from the site and I’ll share with you the exciting and challenging experience!

Much Love to You

Because You have the Power to Shine



When it all begun (part 2)

Bonjour dear amigos!!

I hope I’m finding You Well and Happy!!

I know I left You very passionate about my story, and what brought me here. For this reason, today, I decided to continue with the second part.

Last chapter finished with the bookings of the 2 days event with the Coaching Academy. And I’ always amazed how a little action, like a simple click can turn the life around. And this is what happened to me in that moment.

As soon as I stepped into the conference room, a feeling of excited energy started raising into my body. Good premises, because the event hadn’t started yet!

Around 10am this life changing event begun. Trainer after trainer, speaker after speaker, information after information, tools after tools and self reflection after self reflection my energy was growing exponencially! More I was learning and discovering, more my Heart was telling me that this was the right path.

Have You ever had the feeling of certainty to be in the right place, in the right time, with the right people? That was exactly what I felt in that moment. Following my emotions I decided to enrol myself in the programs, envisioning, in that moment to become a Successful Life Coach and Youth Coach, empowering the life of people, facilitating the transition between where they are to where they want to be. (if You wish to know more about Coaching, look at the post F.A.Q.s).

I actually didn’t know how I was going to pay it… I had no savings at the time and my financial skills were very poor. So the next big step was to commit to installments that within a year could allow me to pay it all and start my journey. It was the month of December, 2010.

In the meanwhile, still uber excited about my choice, I decided to accelerate the learning process, eating NLP, Coaching and personal developments books website and audio Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. Constantly growing, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

And more I was discovering about myself, stretching beyond the limits I decided to put in my life, more I wasn’t recognising myself any more with what I was doing, how I was living, how and with who I was spending my time with. My decision, in that moment, was that was safer to close in myself that to go out, change my habits and the circle of friendships.

It was around March that my challenging relationship with food started. A self destructive habit that have been hiding my light for more that a year and a half.

It started with a light anorexia. I was eating 2 cups of cereals per day and exercising in the gym almost 2 hours every day. Then it developed in bulimia for several months. I used to spend my nights eating bags of sweets and junk food, then throwing out for the guilt and the fear of putting on weight. And the end phase, that lasted since last month, was accepting the habit of binging and overeating during the night. In few days my weight skyrocked and my physiognomy completely changed. While closing my self at the world I was opening my mouth to junk and unhealthy food, that just for a while made me feel better.

I had big void inside me… A void I tried to fill up with food any time I was by myself. A void that I denied and repressed for long time before I have been ready accept it and let it go. A void that now is filled with Love and Gratitude and Vision for a brilliant future ahead.

See You next Time for part 3

May You always use your Power to Shine


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