Hello You!! Yes I’m talking to you! Not the one behind!

Today, Sunday I allowed myself to sleep a bit more than the average 6 hours and I indulged till 13.00. Rolling myself like a vegetable skewer in my sleeping bag. I love to sleep inside it… It is so comfortable and warm.. It makes me feel protected.

After the awakening I started the day with a kundalini yoga practice and a peaceful meditation that set me up for the amazing day I was going to face!

I’m so happy my brother called me to book the flight for coming here on the 17th of November!!  And also my mum and my brother seems to have found the new house that is going to host them!!  I’m so grateful for everything that is happening in this moment of our life!

In this cold but sunny day, I decided to stay in the comfort of my room, assessing  my goals and vision for the future ahead, and the action steps for the present. It took me a couple of hours to set up my new goals and to review the previous one. I love to spend this time that is now becoming a constant routine. It helps me to keep the focus on what I do and assure the the actions I take are in alignment with who I really am and what I really want.

I’d really like to share with you 2 new goals I set up today for the months ahead!

First of all, I have the first gig, in front of at least 20 people, with my band! And I’m committing to practice scales daily to improve my voice and alternate the practice of instruments I’m learning to master, focusing on the basics and the technique.

The next is around my work as a coach and speaker.

I have 6 clients per week by the end of december!

And I have 14 speech a month by the 27 of February 2013, Ideally in schools, youth centres and charities.

I find this moment with myself so inspiring and it is a cold shower of self motivation for the days to come!

To be sincere I’m not sure about how I’ll find the clients and the public for my speeches, but I have a lot of ideas and I trust the help of the Universe!!

Because everything is possible, just if we want it badly enough and hardly enough!

I wish you all inspiring dreams and a sunny awakening!!


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