The power of Synchronicity

Hello dear followers! I hope I’m finding you well and happy today!

In today’s post I’ll talk about what happened to me in the last couple of days.

Have you ever had the feeling of being in the right place at the right time? Have you ever met a person that it seemed like you were suppose to meet? Did ever, a complete stranger stepped into your life making a massive change or creating new opportunities you never thought possible for you?

Well the answer to these questions for me is YES! And when I’m in a state of flow and happiness like I feel now, these events multiply exponencially.

I’m going to share now the amazing events that happened to me starting from yesterday afternoon.

The first moment has been yesterday in the late afternoon. I had just finished my Monday shopping of succulent organic vegetables at the tiny farmer shop opposite New Cross Gate. After a warm goodbye with the Hungarian farmer, that now has become a dear friend of mine, I started my cycle ride towards Sandrock Road, where I live. You have to know that when I cycle I love to infiltrate between cars and buses. But this time something unexpected happened. The gap between the car and bus was too small for me, the bike and the bag I was carrying the veggies with. I couldn’t control the bike in that moment and the bus hit the bag, creating a hole that left the space for a red tomato to leave his mates: direction pavement. With the bag broken and the other veggies that were going to follow the tomato I didn’t know how to bring them home. And immediately, a black man called Sam, with a bright and peaceful smile on his face (like he was passing there for that reason), gave me one of his plastic bag, wishing me a great day. I am so grateful for what happened and it makes me smile. I know that everywhere I go there is always somebody ready to help me with any challenge I might face.

The next episodes happened today, while I was approaching the colleges around my area for offering my services as a Youth Coach. All the receptionists and the people I met gave me great support with a friendly attitude I never expected from busy college receptionists.

Then my friend Steve Beckles-ebusua, of who is an inspiring motivational speaker, coach and mentor accepted my request to support him in one of his workshops.

After, I had the pleasure to meet two fantastic guys that came for dinner at Amico Bio. One business consultant and the other, a gorgeous woman working as osteopath, and Yoga teacher, which I had the honour to connect with immediately, and he asked me for my business card.

And dulcis in fundo I received a text from the manager of Powerhouse, a charity for women with unique learning abilities, where I delivered a workshop in September, inviting me to a long term program with them. Finger crossed the council will accept the request to found the project. Thinking about what led me to Powerhouse are really sweet memories that are starting in the Tent City University of the camp of St. Paul one year ago, the 15-10-2011.

Sweet emotions are now rising and the memories are sliding in front my mind’s eyes.

I leave you guys with the feeling of Gratitude of all that synchronically happened, is happening and it will happen.

Because everything happen for a reason, and just you know your unique reason.

Much Love to you.

2 thoughts on “The power of Synchronicity

  1. tracyawillis says:

    I like the thoughts you shared here. I think more often than not we’re in the right place at the right time, we just need to notice that. My whole family (RIP most of the women bar me) is full of right place, right time situations and they’ve shaped the way we think about life.

    • happysimo says:

      Thanks for sharing Tracy. I agree with what you said and I might add that is ALWAYS the right place and the right time. Just some times is easier to notice it than other!

      May your journey be happy

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