A Gift from the Universe

Hello, I hope I’m finding you well and happy!!

Tonight post is very brief and straight forward.

I’d Love to share with you the amazing gift that the universe prepared for me tonight.

Today around 14.00 I received a call. It was Fabio, the manager of Amico Bio. Unfortunately for him, he told me  he felt very sick and he couldn’t work at the restaurant for the night.

Fortunately now is better and tomorrow will be ready to lead the bridles of my last shift.

Well.. I have always been a prima donna and I love to have the light of the attention on top of me. This is the reason why I work best when I can act on the stage of the floor in the way I want.

So, Fabio’s sickness gave me the opportunity to shine and step into my best resources for tonight!

The night has been great, 78 people Happy, great teamwork with the other waitresses, lot of tips and a lot of laughs! I’m really proud of how I directed the orchestra tonight.

And for this, I have to thank Fabio and all the teachings he shared with me.

I feel to acknowledge one in particular: “A waiter work with his head, not with the feet.”

And this is what I have done tonight. And a lesson I want to remember for my life ahead in other areas of my life!

I’m so grateful today for the synchronistic opportunity to shine on the stage of Amico Bio, and for the teachings that he always shared with me, day after day. Pushing me forward in a process of growth.

And the question of the day is:

What are you grateful for today?

I invite you to share your thoughts with me, allowing this post to vibrate at the energy of gratitude!

Much love to You,

May We always shine

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