Ripple effect

Today I’ll leave a video talk about my feelings in this moment.

I remember the first time I watched it… I was in Maranello, dealing with the coaching material for my diploma.

In a moment of pause I decided to open my email, where I found this gift from my dear friend Andreia Silva. That made my day, leaving me with tears of joy in my eyes and happy feelings in my chest for the rest of the day.

Everytime I watch it I still feeling strong, delicate emotions running through my eyes in the form of tears.

I want to share with you this little gift that had so much meaning for me.

Relating to the video, I’d love to quote the words that Phil, a dear friend of mine, shared with me, with tears of truth in his eyes:

“My purpose in life is to enhance the life of the people I Love. I don’t know the effect that my actions of Love can create, but Love is like stone throne into a calm pond, we don’t know the how far the ripple effect can spread.” 

What Can you do today to enhance the life people around you that you Love?

If you have to take one action to enhance the life of the people around you that you Love, what would it be?

Mine for today is to call a friend and tell him how much I miss him and how much he means for me. Tell him I care about him and I love him.

May You always be in the ripple!!

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