Ripple effect

Today I’ll leave a video talk about my feelings in this moment.

I remember the first time I watched it… I was in Maranello, dealing with the coaching material for my diploma.

In a moment of pause I decided to open my email, where I found this gift from my dear friend Andreia Silva. That made my day, leaving me with tears of joy in my eyes and happy feelings in my chest for the rest of the day.

Everytime I watch it I still feeling strong, delicate emotions running through my eyes in the form of tears.

I want to share with you this little gift that had so much meaning for me.

Relating to the video, I’d love to quote the words that Phil, a dear friend of mine, shared with me, with tears of truth in his eyes:

“My purpose in life is to enhance the life of the people I Love. I don’t know the effect that my actions of Love can create, but Love is like stone throne into a calm pond, we don’t know the how far the ripple effect can spread.” 

What Can you do today to enhance the life people around you that you Love?

If you have to take one action to enhance the life of the people around you that you Love, what would it be?

Mine for today is to call a friend and tell him how much I miss him and how much he means for me. Tell him I care about him and I love him.

May You always be in the ripple!!

A Gift from the Universe

Hello, I hope I’m finding you well and happy!!

Tonight post is very brief and straight forward.

I’d Love to share with you the amazing gift that the universe prepared for me tonight.

Today around 14.00 I received a call. It was Fabio, the manager of Amico Bio. Unfortunately for him, he told me  he felt very sick and he couldn’t work at the restaurant for the night.

Fortunately now is better and tomorrow will be ready to lead the bridles of my last shift.

Well.. I have always been a prima donna and I love to have the light of the attention on top of me. This is the reason why I work best when I can act on the stage of the floor in the way I want.

So, Fabio’s sickness gave me the opportunity to shine and step into my best resources for tonight!

The night has been great, 78 people Happy, great teamwork with the other waitresses, lot of tips and a lot of laughs! I’m really proud of how I directed the orchestra tonight.

And for this, I have to thank Fabio and all the teachings he shared with me.

I feel to acknowledge one in particular: “A waiter work with his head, not with the feet.”

And this is what I have done tonight. And a lesson I want to remember for my life ahead in other areas of my life!

I’m so grateful today for the synchronistic opportunity to shine on the stage of Amico Bio, and for the teachings that he always shared with me, day after day. Pushing me forward in a process of growth.

And the question of the day is:

What are you grateful for today?

I invite you to share your thoughts with me, allowing this post to vibrate at the energy of gratitude!

Much love to You,

May We always shine

The Power of Action

Hello Hello! Back again ready to write and rock!!

It has been another amazing day for me today. Full of meaning, lessons and joy. A day that flown on the vibrational waves of happiness. A day where I did all I wanted to do and how I wanted to do. Starting from the morning shift at Amico Bio, the peaceful meditation in the churchyard, the empowering session with Ben, the music session with Jonas and the wonderful dinner that my body enjoyed so much. I am really grateful for all the amazingness that I’m attracting in my life!!

So why am I feeling this way? Why, in the last 2 days, I attracted more potential clients than the last 3 months? Why everything seems to flow effortlessly?

The answer? 2 weeks ago I made a decision. A decision that was going to shape my life forever. A decision which I’m committed to honour. I decided that I wanted to be in control of my life, my time and my finances 100%. I decided that, from that moment on, I’ll just work for myself. Creating my own business, my own opportunities and not having to rely to somebody else. I decided that I’ll just follow my passions and align with my purpose.

It took me a while to realise it, even if I coach people to shine their light and create the life they want, I wasn’t ready yet to do it. I was driven by my subconscious fears of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear o fsuccede and others that I’m processing now. Actually it was 5 o’clock in the morning and I was on a sugar high after one of my night binge, listening to the audiobook “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.  In the moment I decided that I wanted money to work for me, and that I would never work for money again.

And the morning came. The sun, was shining high on a clear blue sky. I took my bicycle, heading towards Amico Bio for my morning shift. Thinking about how much time I was spending at the restaurant, the money I was earning and how far I was from my purpose. I had almost completely neglected my social life, trying to keep up with the Coaching, my personal development and the working hours at the restaurant.

So I took the courage to quit my job at the restaurant. Even if I still love it and the people I work with, I decided to step into the uncertainty and embracing my fears. I realised and accepted this was not for me any more. This was belonging to another period of my life. And it was time to let go.

I have to tell  you that I was scared about how I’m going to have enough money to pay my bills, the food and my general expenses. But now, that I’m just 2 days from the last shift, a sense of drive and a greater motivation is running through me. A motivation coming from the compelling idea for the future ahead and for doing what I am here for.

I’m grateful to all that happened in the past, all the people, the experiences  the learnings. Even if they weren’t coming always from a gentle and juicy source. But now I see the value of all of them. They shaped who I am now… And to be sincere… I love it! I really love myself in the way I am!

This is a new beginning for me. New learnings and growth.

But when did all started?

From a decision, a decision to be the owner of my own life.

But a decision is not a step, is just half a step. How Many times I’ve made a decision that just remained so…

The real turning point was embracing and dancing with my fears and take action. The action of stepping into the uncertainty quitting my job.

To recap.

DECISION=1/2 STEP                              ACTION=1 STEP


Sometimes I forget how far I can go just with a small, little step, not thinking about what that action can bring in my life.

I’m now fully committed to take action for the future I want!

I wish you all a future of greatness and a present of mindful action.

May life lead you where you want to go.

The power of saying “NO”.

Hello dear! It Is fantastic to connect with you again.

I hope your day has been amazing such has been mine!

And here we are again, talking tonight about The Power of saying NO.

Reflecting about what was the lesson for me today, few images came into my mind.  2 different moment, with 2 different people, but the same underlying pattern. Both of them were complaining about how much of their life they are spending inside the work environment, their lack of social life and the time to improve it.  I can understand how frustrating this situation can be. The feeling of control gets easily replaced by a feeling of overwhelm and guilt.

Getting to the root of why they are allowing so many things to put off other important areas of their life, the main pattern I have uncovered was, for both of them, the great difficulty to say NO to other people.

And that led me to think about why it is so difficult to say this little word, but soaked with huge emotions attached to it.

Generally people that never say no, are so driven to help out other people, and please others wants and needs, that  they lose the focus on the helper. They care  more about others than they care of themselves. So it seems that the root cause is really remarkable and highly positive. But what is this behaviour leading to? Generally to an increasing sense of frustration for not having accomplished our daily, small or big goals.

So what is the root cause of this behaviour?

Well It comes generally from our childhood and from the set of core values we hold about our life. Some people can have as core value “RECOGNITION”, so they feel good and important just when they are recognised from an external source and they are unconsciously doing everything to meet this value. Other times they can hold the belief that “Is not safe to speak up”, or they might fear of being rejected if they don’t please others (one of our most common and diffused fears). And these fears, limiting beliefs and values might create a sense of guilt, and a drive to overdoing for others. Depleting ourself from the energy that allow us to do what we really want.

Just think about it for a moment.

You might know somebody, maybe very close to you, that have the same behaviour.

I firmly believe that I’m the creator of my own reality, and that episode led me to think about the question. ” What is in me now that is creating this events?”

So I recognise that a lot of times I have the same pattern and behaviour. In particular regarding pleasing others needs and wants for the fear of being rejected from them. And Is in these times that I remind myself a simple thinking process that really helped me develop in this area.

I’ve been introduced to the concept that there is no thing such as NO. There is always Yes. The matter is to see where the Yes is directed to. When we say Yes to others, we are, maybe, saying No to ourself. And when we say No to others we are, maybe, saying Yes to ourself.

When was the last time you said Yes to Yourself?

How did you feel?

I believe that there always must be a balance between the Yes we are saying to ourself and the Yes said to others.

And I’m committed to keep this balance and treat myself like I would treat the person I care most on the Earth. I’ve experienced that just when I feel happy and full of energy I have more impact in other people’s life, and I can be more helpful for them.

Thank for staying with me and if you like the post You might want to subscribe to my youtube channel and the blog, or simply leave a comment

May your journey be always happy!