How to Understand People’s Challenges and Help them Grow

Hello Dear Followers!!

I wish I’m finding You well Happy and Joyful!!!

5 days of breaking personal barriers, overcoming limits, challenges laughs and lot of fun with amazing and motivating Young People. This has been, in few words, the beginning of the NCS, a Youth Leadership Programme that will end with the creation of a social action that will positively impact the areas Wandsworth, Leicester, Southampton and West Berkshire. The first part of the programme was hosted at the PGL centre in the magical setting of Osmington Bay, Dorset, and now it’s time to rest and reflect about the learnings that were in this experience for me.

In these 5 days I’ve learned a lot about Young People, their reality, passions, interests and how to relate with them effectively. I have been observing other, more experienced, trainers and the most effective tools they use to engage with them. I’ve pushed myself beyond the mental barriers and fears of “I cannot do It”, having to be an example for them in all the activities.

But the biggest learning for me, out of this experience, was the reminder that everybody has his own story, reality, fears and beliefs. What, for me, could seem easily done, without effort, for others can be a massive challenge.

So how can we fully understand people’s challenges, without being judgemental, and encouraging them to grow at the same time?

I found the following 6 steps process to be very useful for me in a couple of situations.

  1. Get the person out of the challenging environment to disengage with the triggers of discomfort and start walking.
  2. While walking change the topic of the discussion and get the person associate with positive feelings. Get the person to see the big picture and his past achievements.
  3. After the creation of this new internal environment ask the person: “How was the task challenging for you?”, “When and Where was it challenging for you?” “What was challenging for you?”
  4. To follow, ask: ” What was the biggest challenge you overcame so far?” and find commonalities, attitudes and strengths that can be useful in the future to overcome the same challenge.
  5. Now ask :“Knowing what you know now, what can you do next time to move a step further, if the same challenge is presented?”
  6. To finish praise his openness to share something so personal with You and leave the person on a high.

I leave You with the following Chinese motto.

A  family were sitting down to eat waiting for their son to come in from the fields. The son eventually arrived an hour late. His father asked why he’d taken so long, he replied, “I was helping the wheat grow”. The next morning the father went out to the field and all the wheat had died. He asked his son, “What did you do”, “I pulled all the stalks up a little to help them grow quicker”, he replied solemnly. 

I’m Looking forward to see You tomorrow!!

Love and Light!!

Your Power to Shine



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