This is an inspiring blog from my dear friend Shirley.
Who doesn’t feel this way from time to time?
With Love

Multi-tasking Makes You Last on the List.

You’ve probably heard it before that women are supposedly better than men at multitasking. In other words we try to complete as many tasks as possible in a limited amount of time.

If you’re anything like me then, you’ll have a mountain of things to accomplish before the days out.

On my list today is to arrange for the car to have its MOT.   I remembered one day in the week, then forgot, it expires tomorrow. Oh no, I’ve been meaning to pay the house insurance the last couple of days. Must call them before they close. Dam no money on my debit card need to transfer some money on-line.

Where am I on the list? Ok, have I read my emails today? Alright, just a quick look. Oh no, I didn’t reply to the builder to get a quote for the new kitchen. Good done. Must…

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