You are affected by Your Patterns.

thinking patterns“The ultimate truth, for me,  is that the World as we perceive it is a series of energetic patterns that keep unfolding into the reality of the present”

-Simone Vincenzi

Hi folks!! It has been a while since last time isn’t it? I wish I am finding you well and happy and life is unfolding in the most playful way for you.

Today’s post is about patterns? Patterns seems to be everywhere, surrounding us and… within us. What are what we call patterns? What are our thinking patterns and haw can we brake the cycle of our emotional patterns?

I was asking myself all these question as this is a topic that sparkled into my heart since ever I heard about it…

I wish you will enjoy the patterns of this post as I enjoyed writing about it.


From different definitions we can assume that a general definition of pattern could be : “A repeating model of structures”, could these structures manifest in our inner reality, such as behavioural pattern, or externally, such as artistic patterns.

I assume we all can agree that, in some way or another our life, internally and externally, is ruled by patterns, behaviours or models that we follow on a daily basis to go through our journey.

Let me give you an example. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? What is the second and the third and so on… I believe you have a structure or a daily routine you follow.

Let’s Imagine the life of Mr. Gigi. He is a young guy working as a waiter in an Italian restaurant in Barbican. Now let’s have a close look about what he does in the morning.

Are you ready? Well first of all is better to say hello to Gigi and to ask his permission to observe him for the next 5 min. Yeah, we are not going too close…. We won’t go into red hot zones of the day or moment of extreme privacy…

Yeah, is a cool guy and he doesn’t mind! Also he got paid for this… so…

Gigi wakes up at 7 am every morning, as soon as he gets up, after a stretch, he walk slowly to the toilet to wash himself up and reconnect with the outside world. After, he moves to the luminous kitchen, where he drink a big glass of water before starting his daily meditation. He moves back to his room, where we are going to live him in silence for the next 30 min.

E voilá! 30 min after he is ready for other 30 min of yoga and stretching, before going to have a juicy breakfast with a big piece of fresh fruit and some almond milk.

After breakfast is now time for a quick shower and dressing up, ready for the morning shift.

And this is where we are going to leave Gigi wishing him a fantastic and happy day.

What did you see there? What was Gigi doing? Why, every morning does he do the same things?

Can you see any pattern in his behaviour?

Well, as you might have noticed we have described the pattern of a typical morning of Gigi. The whole morning could be considered a pattern. But there is more. The pattern: Morning is a sum of different patterns. the pattern wake up, the pattern washing up, the pattern meditation etch…

And any of these patterns is a sum of other patterns, the pattern of stretching, moving, breathing, drinking etch…

Can you see where I am going?

I am sure you are!

Our life is a series of patterns, behaviours, actions and thoughts. We are so used to those patterns that they seems normal for us and they constitute our habits.

Our habits are not more than a series of patterns we have been repeating constantly over and over again, mastering that behaviour.

Following up in the next post you will understand how patterns integrated in your mind can rule your life without you knowing how.

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May You live in awareness!!

Simone Vincenzi                 ~Your Power to Shine~

12 thoughts on “You are affected by Your Patterns.

  1. successdata says:

    I had exactly (not in the same words) conversation with a friend of mine today, who was complaining about their life being the same everyday.

  2. Having just read Charles Duhigg’s book, “The Power of Habit” I felt as if the two of you had collaborated with your thoughts. As I work with individual job seekers who are in transition because of unemployment, I can see shifts in their daily patterns. These shifts are often to their detriment. Your words help me know how important it is that I continually reinforce the message that those workday habits need to perhaps become sacred rituals lest some of these folks struggle severly with re-entry into the workforce after extended periods of joblessness. And those already detrimental habits that may have contributed to their joblessness? Time to take a good long look at those, too. Thank you for your insights.

    • happysimo says:

      Thank You Kimaileen. I am honoured of being associated With so renowned writer like Charles Duhigg!
      Your observations around habits are really acute. And the same happens on an emotional level. Those patterns are integrated under so many layers that in order to get to the core we must peel them like an onion. And there is where you find the belief that is ruling those patterns. That belief that created the pattern in the first place.
      I am doing an indepth work on patterns at the moment, if you want to know more or you need any support please get in touch with me on my email

      I have developed a model that support individuals changing their patterns and habits.

      Thank You for sharing your thoughts

      With Love


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  6. Mairi Wallis says:

    What an interesting concept that makes so much sense at all levels. Look forward to reading more about Mr Gigi!

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