Beliefs: a simple definition

beliefs“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their life and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their life.”  Anthony Robbins

Have You ever met a person that behaves in a different way than You? Have You ever met a person that seems to act as if everything was possible? And have you ever met a person who lived their life playing small, stuck in his own daily routine and never thriving for more? What is the difference between those people? What is that make a person achieve what for other people seems impossible?

Henry Ford answered this question in a very simplistic but profound way saying that: “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right”.


Starting from these powerful quotes from Anthony Robbins and Henry Ford we can start to understand the impact and the role that our beliefs play in our lives. But before getting deeper into details is necessary to have a foundation about what they are and how they develop.

What is a belief?

The dictionary definition says a belief is: “A principle accepted as true or real without a proof . An opinion, a conviction”. 

Anthony Robbins define a belief as “A feeling of certainty that shapes the direction of our life.”

Beliefs are the thoughts and ideas that are no longer questioned. They have the power to create or destroy, because every thoughts, expectation and action is a direct result of such beliefs, and they shape the direction of our life.

Beliefs are the lens, the filter through what we see our and other people’s life. They decide the meaning we give to our experiences.

Where do our beliefs come from?

They come from other people like parents, teachers, peer group, friends, family, media, religion and society. From anyone who had or is still having an influence over us.

They are mainly formed subconsciously during childhood and adolescence.


When we are children our brain is like a little sponge and our experiences are what the sponge take in. This sponge doesn’t have the capability to distinguish what is good or not for us, what is positive and negative. It takes everything in, growing and growing.

Sometimes the message we receive from the outer world, from our experiences, are not always empowering  and encouraging, and maybe once we learned that we were clumsy, stupid, not good enough, not beautiful etch…. and in that moment, we made the decision, perhaps, that it is not safe to speak up, that we don’t deserve an amazing life, that we cannot do certain things because we are limited. We kept buying into our limitations repetitively, and that behaviour became so integrated into ourself that it became automatic, and we lost the awareness of it, accepting it as normal and setting it as our personal standard. Forgetting our reality, forgetting that the decision we made was based on somebody else’s belief about us.

Wow… so Who I am now and what I believe about myself has been shaped through years by other people…

Yes, and this is how we form our sense of identity. Our identity is just a set of beliefs we borrowed from other people. And I’m not saying that this has been always negative for us. Also the positive things we believe about ourself come from the same process. But behavioural scientists and child psychologist generally accept that children, under the age of five, receive ten or more negative phrases from their parents for every single positive one.

mmm… does it mean there is nothing I can do about it?

It is exactly the opposite! We have a lot of different tools that used all together can create everlasting results and positive changes in our life. In the following posts I’m going to share with You what I found most effective after several years of experiences.

Your Turn

When talking about beliefs, the most important thing we can do at the beginning is to be aware of them, without judgement. A belief is a thought that we repeat over and over again and that has an high emotional intensity.

One way to spot our negative beliefs is to have little notebook with us through the day and, whenever we catch ourself thinking a thought, write it down. In this way we create our Thoughts Journal.

Make the commitment for the next 3 days to write down all your thoughts you become aware of. If it is difficult to remember the task, write a note or set a reminder on your phone with the question: “What am I thinking now?”

You’ll be amazed by the result. And that will be the starting point to embrace your current limiting beliefs and change them with empowering ones!

I’d love to hear from You and what do You think about the article.

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May You always believe in Yourself!!

Simone Vincenzi                 ~Your Power to Shine~

Who Am I???

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”
― Oscar Wilde

Have You ever found Yourself asking the question Who Am I??

Maybe It was a moment when everything You believed true about the world changed. Maybe it was a moment when You were not completely satisfied about Your Life. Maybe it was a moment when Your perception of the world steered direction. Maybe You are just a really curious person or maybe You think that Life is more that what we actually see.

If You really want to find the answer to this question, it is essential to know how our sense of identity is created.

How is our sense of identity created?

Researches have shown that by the age of 7, our personality is completely formed. From the beginning of our journey in the womb, through our senses, we pick up and absorb everything that is happening in the external world, everything that others are telling about us and all the significant emotional events we experience. And we create, in our mind, an image about the world we live in and about ourself.

So… Basically we have been always conditioned…

Yes, we have been conditioned to believe who we are, from the environment that was surrounding us, during the first stages of our life.

…It is not completely clear to me…

Ok… Imagine a clear, blue sky. In the middle of the sky, a bright and luminous sun is shining. After a while, you can see some clouds painting the blue sky with their presence, but the sun is still shining above them. The time passes, and other clouds start building up in the sky, getting closer, closer and closer, until all You can see is a thick blanket of clouds. The sun, still shining at the back, is hidden to your sight.


You are that Sun, shining bright in the sky. The sky is the world you live in. The clouds are other people’s life and beliefs.

….You are telling me that what I can see about me is not who I really am… So…

Who Am I??

I believe that understanding who we really are is our mission here on Earth. Just sweeping the clouds of our past we can reconnect with our true nature, our true purpose, allowing Our Own Sun to Shine.

Your Turn!!

Discover Your Inner Sun:

Reconnecting with Our inner Sun means also recognising our unique gifts, talents, abilities and passions.

  • What are Your Gifts and Talents?
  • What other people tell you are really good at?
  • What are You most passionate about?
  • What makes Your heart sing?

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May Your Sun be always Shining above the clouds of Your sky.

Simone Vincenzi                                                             ~Your Power to Shine~