Halo Halo!! Here we are again for my night thoughts, and I have to be fair with You. Today has been a pretty AWESOME DAY!!

Starting from the session with Daniel and Jonas, where I gave the best of myself in a couple of songs, ¬†followed by an uforgettable night at the restaurant Amico Bio, ¬†where I’ll be working till next Saturday. Worth to check, the only organic vegetarian Italian restaurant in London!!

A lot of lessons to keep in mind… And the greatest one has been from the manager Fabio, when he told me: “You don’t understand me, but we are 2 different beings with a common aim.”

And to be true, is something I often forgot and that the Universe keep reminding me day after day.

Yes, we are all different. We might have a different body, a different character, different life experiences, different perceptions, different beliefs and different values.

The list of what separate us (and makes Us so unique) can be unlimited. But, if we really look deeply, deeply in ourselves, Our inner truth comes up. A truth that talks about oneness, unity, compassion, grace and LOVE. A truth that is our purpose, the path of our soul. And what we all share is that we are all here, part of the creation and creators. We are here to experience, learn, develop and grow. We are here to shine.

I love you all guys! In this moment my heart is filled with joy and my hands are vibrating of happiness… I love this feeling of excitement running in me.

May Life be always so wonderful!!