When it all begun (part 2)

Bonjour dear amigos!!

I hope I’m finding You Well and Happy!!

I know I left You very passionate about my story, and what brought me here. For this reason, today, I decided to continue with the second part.

Last chapter finished with the bookings of the 2 days event with the Coaching Academy. And I’ always amazed how a little action, like a simple click can turn the life around. And this is what happened to me in that moment.

As soon as I stepped into the conference room, a feeling of excited energy started raising into my body. Good premises, because the event hadn’t started yet!

Around 10am this life changing event begun. Trainer after trainer, speaker after speaker, information after information, tools after tools and self reflection after self reflection my energy was growing exponencially! More I was learning and discovering, more my Heart was telling me that this was the right path.

Have You ever had the feeling of certainty to be in the right place, in the right time, with the right people? That was exactly what I felt in that moment. Following my emotions I decided to enrol myself in the programs, envisioning, in that moment to become a Successful Life Coach and Youth Coach, empowering the life of people, facilitating the transition between where they are to where they want to be. (if You wish to know more about Coaching, look at the post F.A.Q.s).

I actually didn’t know how I was going to pay it… I had no savings at the time and my financial skills were very poor. So the next big step was to commit to installments that within a year could allow me to pay it all and start my journey. It was the month of December, 2010.

In the meanwhile, still uber excited about my choice, I decided to accelerate the learning process, eating NLP, Coaching and personal developments books website and audio Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. Constantly growing, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

And more I was discovering about myself, stretching beyond the limits I decided to put in my life, more I wasn’t recognising myself any more with what I was doing, how I was living, how and with who I was spending my time with. My decision, in that moment, was that was safer to close in myself that to go out, change my habits and the circle of friendships.

It was around March that my challenging relationship with food started. A self destructive habit that have been hiding my light for more that a year and a half.

It started with a light anorexia. I was eating 2 cups of cereals per day and exercising in the gym almost 2 hours every day. Then it developed in bulimia for several months. I used to spend my nights eating bags of sweets and junk food, then throwing out for the guilt and the fear of putting on weight. And the end phase, that lasted since last month, was accepting the habit of binging and overeating during the night. In few days my weight skyrocked and my physiognomy completely changed. While closing my self at the world I was opening my mouth to junk and unhealthy food, that just for a while made me feel better.

I had big void inside me… A void I tried to fill up with food any time I was by myself. A void that I denied and repressed for long time before I have been ready accept it and let it go. A void that now is filled with Love and Gratitude and Vision for a brilliant future ahead.

See You next Time for part 3

May You always use your Power to Shine


When was the last time you did something new?

Hello beautiful people!!

Today has been a great day, full of wonder, magic and connection. A day in which the vibration of love, gratitude and happiness were passing through my body in constant flow.

Today I took the first steps with mailchimp and grouping all my contacts, for the SEXY and JUICY newsletter that will be available to you in a couple of days! Also, a refreshing and grounding kundalini session, and a power nap around 13.00 completely restored my energies allowing me to cycle more than 15 miles! I’m also really proud by my first successful English class and the meeting with Steve and Wendy, members of the Uber Team Wandsworth  that from Monday will facilitate the transition and self discovery of hundreds of Inspiring Young People at the NCS (National Citizen service).


Thinking about what happened today, what I’m really grateful for is the pinky sky of London under which my bike ride on Gratitude(the name of my bike) turned to be the best ever!

Also I recognise the value of the meaningful chat with Steve and Wendy.

Around the end of the conversation, Steve, inspired from Albert Einstein, asked Us:

“When Was the Last time You did something New?”

I believe is challenging question to answer, because it has a double blade. Or One’s Life is so repetitive that one does the same things day after day (maybe complaining because of the monotony of it ). Or, on the other end, One’s Life is so rich and growing that is difficult to choose which one to pick.

Where are You on this scale?

What can You do today to make Your Life More JUICY and SEXY?

I prefer the SEXY side of it, so it is difficult to count all the new things I have learned or done in the last 5h…

But there is one thing I have learned, that I’d like to share with You.

One skill that is really making some moment of my life really funny and special.

What is it?

I’ve learned how to Bike Stand at the red traffic lights!!!!!!!! SEXY!!!!

Now, I embrace every red light with joy and fun (sometimes hoping for it). Every red light is now a new game, a new challenge!

My goal is to stand at 10 consecutive red light, always standing on my bike!!

I’ll make it!!!

Thank You for being with me also tonight and I wish joyful dreams!!

When it all began (part 1)


Today I’m inspired to talk to you about me, and in particular about the exciting journey that led me to work as a coach! I cannot say it has been all rose, flowers and joy… I had to pass through very challenging growing experiences, which now I’m grateful for. Experiences that led me to where now I am and who I am….

It all started 2 years ago, around September 2010, just after my 22nd birthday. At the moment I was living in Sheperd’s bush and working at Assaggi, a famous Italian restaurant in Notting Hill. I couldn’t complain about my income and my lifestyle too. I was travelling once a month visiting different European capitals, I had a very active sexual life, going to the gym everyday and my body was in perfect shape ( or I thought so). I was fairly happy, but after one year of the same routine I started getting bored, desiring something more from my life, something to look for, something that could stretch me. So I took the decision that I wanted more from the life I was living. I wanted to grow. Smoking pots and partying at night, wasn’t the life I was planning to live in the future, even though I was enjoying  it very much!

And as usual, when the student is ready, the right master appears. And funny enough, the right master was a website… Yes!! A Website!! http://www.piuchepuoi.it/ It is the main Italian personal development website full of free resources and online programmes. It took me a while to really grasp what was all about, but I had the feeling that everything that was written there was really important for my life if I wanted to bring it to a new level. Then I started, daily to spend my time diving into the free article and programmes. And it was there that I met 2 words, new to my vocabulary, that shaped my life, paving the street to where I am now. These 2 words were: Life Coach, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

And the more I was reading, the more my passion was growing. One day, while I was doing an excursion at the Waterstone Library of Notting Hill Gate, my sight was captured by a book entitled “The NLP Coach” written by Ian McDermot and Wendy Jago (Which I highly recommend as self-development book). As soon as the book touched my hands, I knew that I had to buy it, that there was something in there for me .

I was reading the book and absorbing the content any time I could. In particular during the long journeys in the tube. And one day…. One day that started like any other day, while reading in the carriage of the tube that was carrying me to Notting Hill, a gorgeous woman with his charming husband, broke my focus, asking me what I was reading. Princess D and Pradeep Mishra, that turned out playing an important role in my life 1 year later. They were both working as coaches and trainers on their company Alchemy Training. We started immediately connecting on a deeper level. Like we have been knowing each other for years. And was in that moment that she mentioned the name of an academy…. Called the Coaching Academy, that was hosting free 2 days events to explain the coaching principles…..

As soon as I got home I knew that the right next steps for me were to turn on the laptop, go to the website of the coaching academy and book myself for the free event.

And it was in that moment, that something magical happened…

Love and Light to You

The 1st day of a rising entrepreneur!

Hello dear followers!

It is fantastic to connect with you again!

Today is a great day, a day when a new rising entrepreneurial star is born!

Today Is my first day of self employment! It is the first step of the decision made a couple of weeks ago, where I committed myself that from that moment on, I’ll be my own boss, because I don’t need to have somebody to work for…. I can create what I want!!

Why I do it? I want to step into the possibilities of financial independence! I want to leave the life I’m dreaming, and invest my earning for my personal and for the human development. Once financially independent I can effortlessly contribute more to the society I want to co-create. A world where each individual has the power, the belief and the confidence to shine his own light, respecting the environment and the beauty of every Life.

How am I going to do it? I use the tools, the knowledge and the wisdom I have, to empower the light of each children, youths, adults. Like an alchemist, I facilitate the transformation and the growth of what is already good to something outstanding!

I’m so excited as I’m writing that a smile is now painted on my face!

I’d like now to share with you what I’ve learned through the day, what I’ve realised, what worked and what didn’t.

The first realisation was that I need to create a business plan, decide how many hours of my time and energy I’m going to invest weekly, which tools I’ll use, which media can help me in my mission and the strategies I’m going to adopt to make my business grow. Also after the seminar of tonight around marketing I realised that this a world I need to explore further and master.

The experience of working from home has been very meaningful. I felt immediately a sense of freedom and power that drove me through the day. And, on the other and, I felt also the burden of the increasing responsibility , that lead me to a feeling of overwhelm for all the necessary practicalities that will make my creation grow successfully. Also, looking at my bank account, the gremlin of “”OH MY GOD HOW AM I GOING TO PAY THE NEXT RENT” kicked in, which I calmed down with 10 min of EFT, creating in me a sense of power and abundance that replaced the negative feelings and the negative chatterbox.

Also I had to deal with a lack of time management, created from the frequent interruption created by checking Facebook, email, texts, phone calls and the frequent day dreaming.

But at the end of the day I managed to complete 7 of the 10 tasks that were important for me to achieve, with the aim to reach the target of 8 tomorrow.

Also the Kundalini Yoga session helped me to balance the drowsiness I’m experiencing in these days, due to the change of my sleeping pattern. One of my goal is to re-train myself to sleep 4,5h per night. Life is so juicy and there are so many experiences I want to enjoy, that I want more awaken time! And I’m aware that the tiredness I’m experiencing is part of the process, therefore I keep on going!!!!

At the end of this awaken time I can say that I feel tired, but happier and with the joy of my vision hold into my mind… I’M GONNA MAKE IT!! NO MATTER WHAT!!

I wish you all a good resting time and enlightening awakening!!

The power of Synchronicity

Hello dear followers! I hope I’m finding you well and happy today!

In today’s post I’ll talk about what happened to me in the last couple of days.

Have you ever had the feeling of being in the right place at the right time? Have you ever met a person that it seemed like you were suppose to meet? Did ever, a complete stranger stepped into your life making a massive change or creating new opportunities you never thought possible for you?

Well the answer to these questions for me is YES! And when I’m in a state of flow and happiness like I feel now, these events multiply exponencially.

I’m going to share now the amazing events that happened to me starting from yesterday afternoon.

The first moment has been yesterday in the late afternoon. I had just finished my Monday shopping of succulent organic vegetables at the tiny farmer shop opposite New Cross Gate. After a warm goodbye with the Hungarian farmer, that now has become a dear friend of mine, I started my cycle ride towards Sandrock Road, where I live. You have to know that when I cycle I love to infiltrate between cars and buses. But this time something unexpected happened. The gap between the car and bus was too small for me, the bike and the bag I was carrying the veggies with. I couldn’t control the bike in that moment and the bus hit the bag, creating a hole that left the space for a red tomato to leave his mates: direction pavement. With the bag broken and the other veggies that were going to follow the tomato I didn’t know how to bring them home. And immediately, a black man called Sam, with a bright and peaceful smile on his face (like he was passing there for that reason), gave me one of his plastic bag, wishing me a great day. I am so grateful for what happened and it makes me smile. I know that everywhere I go there is always somebody ready to help me with any challenge I might face.

The next episodes happened today, while I was approaching the colleges around my area for offering my services as a Youth Coach. All the receptionists and the people I met gave me great support with a friendly attitude I never expected from busy college receptionists.

Then my friend Steve Beckles-ebusua, of   http://www.seriousintentions.co.uk/ who is an inspiring motivational speaker, coach and mentor accepted my request to support him in one of his workshops.

After, I had the pleasure to meet two fantastic guys that came for dinner at Amico Bio. One business consultant and the other, a gorgeous woman working as osteopath, and Yoga teacher, which I had the honour to connect with immediately, and he asked me for my business card.

And dulcis in fundo I received a text from the manager of Powerhouse, a charity for women with unique learning abilities, where I delivered a workshop in September, inviting me to a long term program with them. Finger crossed the council will accept the request to found the project. Thinking about what led me to Powerhouse are really sweet memories that are starting in the Tent City University of the camp of St. Paul one year ago, the 15-10-2011.

Sweet emotions are now rising and the memories are sliding in front my mind’s eyes.

I leave you guys with the feeling of Gratitude of all that synchronically happened, is happening and it will happen.

Because everything happen for a reason, and just you know your unique reason.

Much Love to you.